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“The Same Dream” won the Jury’s Special Mention at Sarajevo

The winners of the Sarajevo Film Festival 2021 awards were announced in the ceremony held at the National Theater in Sarajevo on Thursday, the 19th of August. The 27th edition of the international film festival took place between 13th – 20th August. Nine Romanian film productions and co-productions were presented, among which five films were part of the competition programme.


The film The Same Dream / Același vis (director and screenplay writer Vlad Petri), screened as world premiere in the documentary film competition programme, received the Jury’s Special Mention. The jury componence was: Cecilia Lidin (Film Consultant, Denmark), Jean-Pierre Rehm (General Delegate of FIDMarseille – International Cinema Film Festival, France), Mila Turajlić (Director, Serbia).


“Despite drawing on a variety of disparate devices spanning both documentary and fiction, which could easily result in something messy and overcomplicated, The Same Dream manages to pull all the elements together to make something that is subtly coherent with many layers that only gradually become apparent, yet still fit in with the overarching concept. Most importantly, it manages to draw attention to the dehumanizing mechanisms of the military industrial complex while also maintaining a poetic and touching atmosphere.” – Zoe Aiano, East European Film Bulletin.