Where are you Bucharest?

Vlad Petri followed the Romanian protesters who occupied the streets of Bucharest in 2012. A poignant documentary about people who are devastated and impulsive, lost and encouraged, all at once. And about a revolution that becomes a tragic absurdity.


“In the tradition of the great direct cinema filmmakers, Vlad Petri’s senses started tingling when word got out that in Bucharest there was a riot going on. Two years ago, a hoard of Romanian protesters, made up of students, workers, young and old from different backgrounds invaded Bucharest. Despite them all having different individual reasons and goals in mind to fight for, all were brought together by the prospect of one common aim – a better life.” – Matt Micucci (Film journalist, Reporter, Researcher)


“<<Where are you Bucharest?>> is a film we all needed to see, a film that, without really knowing, we expected for a long time. It is an important step in our lives, maybe even a turning point (also in the history of Romanian documentary) in the last quarter century.” – Anca Fronescu (Film reporter)





76 min.

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TIFF Romania, Odessa, Verzio, One World Romania, Making Waves NY, Eastern Neighbour FF

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