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“Between Revolutions” premieres at the Berlinale

18.02.2023 – This evening at Zoo Palast Cinema in Berlin we witnessed the world premiere of “Between Revolutions”, the new film directed by Vlad Petri and produced by Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan, selected at the 73rd edition of the Berlinale in the “Forum” section. We had a full house audience and an impressive Q&A session. Here are some pictures from the screening:


“Besides providing footage that large parts of the audience have probably never seen before, the documentary’s long-lasting effect goes beyond revolutions and civil unrest. After the screening, there is a lingering impression that, no matter one’s gender, race or country of origin, the bitter disappointments of “big history” can be sweetened (if not overcome) by friendships and the love we feel for those close to us.” – Ștefan Dobroiu, Cineuropa

“With his innovative blend of documentary and fiction, Vlad Petri effectively carries on the Romanian cinematographic tradition of dissecting, through visual creativity and an offbeat tone, the madness of his country during the eighties.”– Erwan Desbois, International Cinephil Society

“The film is carefully assembled and has an organic sense of unity, achieved by the choice of images (the home video-like personal versus the historical archive), the music (from carefree and cheerful to deeply melancholic and distorted) and the voice-overs (in two languages, but the depth of emotions is always palpable).”Nicole Santé, Business Doc Europe


Photographs by Denisa Colțea.