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“Between Revolutions” selected for Dok.Incubator 2022 workshop

The dok.incubator workshop announced April 19 the final selection of filmmakers whose international projects will be supported in 2022. Eight selected teams will “unfold powerful personal stories, social taboos, and some amazing archival materials at this year’s edition of the workshop,” write organisers.

“During the selection process we searched for films reflecting current social and political situation. I believe we brought up fresh and diverse perspectives on topics that carry an important message about the contemporary world,” – Andrea Prenghyova, dok.incubator CEO.

The dok.incubator notes read how the creative documentaries selected for the 2022 edition of the workshop demonstrate varied directorial approaches, cultural backgrounds, and themes. Among them there are two stories on war history which reveal secret political missions of some of the most powerful countries in the world as well as the effects of wars and revolutions on the life of individuals.


Both BLIX and Between Revolutions ask a question whether we can learn from the past and they give us a unique perspective on how wars were, and still are, led. These can be eye-opening moments for many of us, especially in the light of current geopolitical situation in Ukraine, Belarus and many other countries fighting for their freedom.